About NO DIG™

Origin Tech has developed a unique technology designed to quickly stop or stem the flow of water leaks – without even knowing the exact location or size of the leak.

The leak remediation technology works on any type of pipe that is buried and has been adapted from proven technology applied in the oil and gas sector, which has been successfully used for many years.

As the water industry faces significant challenges to halve all leakages by 2050*, such technology will be pivotal in helping utility providers to achieve this.

Aptly named, NO DIG™ (patent pending), our state-of-the-art technology enables water mains and distribution pipework leaks to be very easily repaired without the need to dig up pipework. As such, this prevents major disruption whilst also minimising costs.

We have developed this first of its kind technology in partnership with leading chemical solutions provider, Aubin. Our mission is to help the water companies to significantly reduce a staggering three million litres of water being wasted each day due to leakage.

Water demand is anticipated to increase by 40% by 2030 and, as such, it is vital for the industry to act now. Currently water companies have many options for locating leaks in their mains, however are very limited with available remediation methods, which often leads to a repair or the installation of new pipes – a costly and disruptive approach.

*Information sourced,, Public Accounts Committee Inquiry

Our technology can help water companies to combat the current challenges that they face:

3,170 Million
litres of water leaked each day

Equivalent to:

Olympic swimming pools per day
(Source: Water UK; England and Wales, Apr 2018 – Mar 2019)

Number of pipe (mains) bursts
A burst pipe is the most common cause of loss of water supply
(Source: Discover Water)

50% by 2050
Water companies are committed to reducing current leakage rates by half by 2050

How it Works


Significant water savings

NO DIG™ will help water companies to significantly reduce water wastage, saving both time and money.

No disruption

No digging is required at all to make any leak remediations.

Suitable for inaccessible pipes

We don’t need to know the exact location or size of the leak and can reach even the hardest to access locations.

Multiple leaks/weeps fixed in a single pass

Leaks can be stopped easily and within only a matter of minutes with NO DIG™.

Completely safe

Blockage free and proven to not set in pipes and domestic plumbing.

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

With less wastage, the demand for power required to pump water will be significantly reduced.