WAIV™ – Wireless Autonomous Inspection Vehicle

Because integrity is nothing without intelligence.

WAIV™ is a multi-functional inspection platform designed to perform highly accurate and repeatable inspections of wind turbines and primary structural members.

Designed and developed by Origin Tech, WAIV™ allows different inspection techniques to be conducted, even in the most difficult locations to access.

Most importantly, our next generation of inspection tool eliminates the need to perform inspection services with rope access or scaffolding. This increases the safety of our customers workforce, whilst also significantly  reduces labour requirements and costs.

Offshore wind turbines are difficult to inspect and using rope access is inherently dangerous, with many limitations preventing the most accurate data being obtained. With WAIV™ Operators can benefit from obtaining precise and real-time integrity intelligence, on a repeatable basis, allowing for associated risks to be very easily identified, managed and mitigated.

WAIV™ is designed to perform regulatory and ad-hoc inspections to replace rope access and allow safe and efficient inspections to be performed. The data and risk-based philosophy for the performance of such inspections is carried out by our partner company Origin Integrity Management to develop a bespoke integrity management strategy for wind turbines to help Operators to achieve best in class operability and maximum uptime.

Our technology has been supported in its development by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult cleantech accelerator programme. Aligned with the UK Government Clean Growth element of its industrial strategy, WAIV™ is a real game changer for reducing operator and maintenance costs for the sector.

How it Works

WAIV™ can be used for the following inspections:

  • UHD visual inspection
  • Blades, blade leading edge, nacelles, and tower
  • Structural integrity inspection
  • Tower weld failure both surface or root using either ACFM or TOFD.

Typically, such inspections will require a team of skilled inspectors and logistics support. With WAIV™, only one team member is required to operate the robot. At present, when inspections take place, wind turbine operations are shut down. With WAIV™ wind turbines can remain fully functional whilst the inspection is being performed and the Operator can remain on the support boat, wirelessly controlling the robot.


Increased safety for the workforce

WAIV ™ eliminates the need for rope access, preventing working from height risks.

Complex inspection techniques

Difficult inspections can be easily performed, even in poor weather.

Gain accurate and repeatable data

Precise and real time data is retrieved allowing for better integrity decisions to be made. The exact same location can also be inspected year after year.

Perform inspections quickly

WAIV™ is three times quicker to deploy than rope access.

Reduce operation costs with no downtime

There’s no need to shut down wind turbines whilst the WAIV™ is performing inspections.

Improve operability and efficiency

Accurate data will enable risks to be easily identified and integrity failures to be prevented, reducing costs for Operators.