Starting life in 2019, Origin Tech specialises in developing technology that is instrumental in creating a sustainable and cleaner future.

Founded by a team of experts with in-depth technical knowhow in managing the integrity of assets and preventing failures, the company was initially launched to create technology that prevented, predicted, or fixed asset failures, underpinned by the director’s expertise in this field.

As the company and technology being developed has evolved, so has the nature of innovation within the business. Our portfolio of technologies can perform more than simply preventing, predicting, or fixing integrity failures, they can also help to create a sustainable future.

Our sustainable technologies are designed to make the most of, as well as protect our natural resources. We also understand that as renewable energy continues to grow, oil and gas will still continue to be a significant source of energy in the interim.

 As such, to enable this industry to operate cleaner and safer, we will continue to develop software and inspection methods to prevent failure and extend the life of existing assets.

To date, our flagship products include a ground breaking technology designed to prevent water resource wastage, which is integral to managing water scarcity globally. A wireless robotic inspection vehicle developed to significantly improve the safety of workers and drive down operating costs.

This will eventually become a fully autonomous robotic inspection solution for the industry assisting in the aim for fully robotic wind farms driving down energy generation costs.

Our technologies can help our clients to:

Save lives and
fully protect their

reduce wastage

Prevent pollution
and reduce carbon

Reduce labour
costs with staff
socially distanced

Eliminate downtime, and
increase operational